William JENKINS (1813-1867)
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1848 Jan 19	William Fox - Report re creation of a Town in connexion with the Wairau
1848 Dec 30	Request to undertake Native Census
1848		History of Motueka Wesleyan Chapel
1848		Motueka Wesleyan land grants & Pah Street Cemetery 
1849 Jul 30	Line of road at Motueka
1849 Sep 3	Hoani Parana v. William Jenkins both of Motueka
1849 Sep 4	Hoani Parana v. William Jenkins – William’s reply
1849 Oct	Motueka Census
1850 Apr 17	James WATKINS to Rev W. LAWRY re William JENKINS actions at Motueka
1850 Oct 12	William to Editor Nelson Examiner re Motueka Chapel Accounts
1850 Oct 13	Reply re Motueka Chapel Accounts
1854 May 26	Mortgage: William Jenkins to Trustees of the Nelson Trust Funds
1854 Nov 28	Visit to Kaiaua, Pelorus, Kaituna, Wairau and Queen Charlotte Sound
1854 Dec	William Jenkins & Thomas Brunner visit Wairau Pa
1855 Dec 14	William writes to Major Richmond from Waitohi [Picton]
1856		William is available to select land for intending settlers
1857		Occupier of Nelson Town Acres 893,895,897,899,902,903
1857 May 02	Writes to Nelson Provincial Government relative to salary
1857 Apr 11	Conveyance: Trustees of Nelson Trust Funds to William Jenkins
1857 Jun 02	Conveyance: William Jenkins to William Blick
1857 Nov 20	Laying of the Foundation Stone of the Wesleyan Chapel, Hardy Street, Nelson
1858 Aug 30	Writes on behalf of John Davis of Port Underwood
1858 Sep	Nelson Town Acres 443,759-763
1858 Nov 01	William writes on behalf of Natives of Croixelles Harbour
1860 Apr 03	Letter to the Colonist about attitudes of local Maori to the Taranaki War
1860 Apr 25	Writes on behalf of Register family of Port Underwood
1860 May 03	Forwards translations of Maori letters to Superintendent
1860 Aug 04	Nelson Natives and their position re Taranaki War
1861 Jan 31	Mortgage: William Jenkins to Samuel Meggitt Mackley
1861 Sep 07	Deed: William Jenkins by direction of Alexander Aitken to Herbert Evelyn Curtis and Oswald Curtis
1863-1864	William Jenkins Diary of Maori Chiefs visit to Queen Victoria
1864-1864	George William Wales Lightband Diary of Maori Chiefs visit to England
1864 Jan 16	Letter to Superintendent Nelson from Birmingham
1864 Feb 26	Letter to Superintendent Nelson re emigration to NZ
1864 Mar 2	Flier advertising a lecture to be held on New Zealand
1864 Oct 5	Daily Southern Cross - 'Surat' from London
1864 Oct 28	Daily Southern Cross - Melancholy suicide of Samuel Wakeman
1864 Dec 16	Letter to Superintendent re Native “Wirape”
1864 Dec 16 	Letter to Superintendent re Native Interpreter position
1865 Oct 24	Journal of the Interpreter and Native Guides with the Patea Expeditions
1867 Mar 15	Re William’s Government Service record
1867 Jun 04	Obituary for William Jenkins