Pandora's Box - Ship 'Douglas' 1874
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Pandora's Box


Archives NZ Wellington Reference: ACFQ 8225 IM5 Box 21 Item 4/10 Record No 1874/550
The following people are mentioned in the ships papers.

C. Stewart Bailey, Mrs Ann Banks, James & Mary Barr, Philip & Susan Beard, Bertie Bowles, Lavinia Bowles, Agra Brooker, Elizabeth Broom, Edward Brown, John Browning, Amy Byford, John Conroy, Esther Creswick, Charles & Annie Cutler, George Cutler, William Davey, Austin Davis, Ellen Earl, H. J. H. Eliott, Arthur Gardner, Mr Gibson, Amelia Hancock, Mr Haughton, Charles Hoare, William John Hosking, Dr Humphries, William Hydon, Alexander Johnston, Halford Jones, John Kelby, Albert Moore, Reginald Moore, Thomas & Letitia Moore, Mary Murray, Mark & Eliza Newsom, Edwin Packer, Arthur Palmer, Edward Palmer, Arthur Pearson, Jonathan & Susannah Pearson, Herbert C. Purcell, Surgeon Superintendent Purcell, Rev Rowe, Louisa Schottler, Mr Simmons, John Toye, Simon Trevena, Mr Usmar, Flora Wills, Captain Wilson, William & Betsy Woodhouse.