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Sightings of Early Postcards Last updated: 08 November 2017
Images showing the backs of postcards have been collected from a variety of sources over the years. This listing records the addresses of recipients, names of senders, a date shown on the card, either by the writer or a postmark, the type of card and its title. Information about New Zealand Postcards can be found via the New Zealand Postcard Society and their journal "Postcard Pillar". Images of the fronts and backs of the listed cards are available on receipt of a donation. Although image quality is variable all cards are readable. Except for cards owned personally the physical location of original cards is unknown.

Some Examples
ABRAHAMS Family - Southwark, London
MACDONALD Family - Springwood, West Plains, Invercargill
PETRIE Family - Ivy Lodge, Sefton, Canterbury
SLINES Family - College Street, Wellington

Key Source
"Wish You Were Here" The Story of New Zealand Postcards by William Main & Alan Jackson (2004)

Key to Card Types
ABSeries = A. B. Series - ??
AFW = Alexander Ferguson, bookseller, Wanganui, NZ
AGTaylor = A. & G. Taylor, London, England
Aristophot = Aristophot Co., London, England
Art = "Art Series" published by Alfred Cecil Rowlandson, bookseller, Sydney, Australia
Avery = Thomas Avery, printer, New Plymouth, NZ
BBLondon = Birn Brothers Ltd, London, England
Beattie = William Beattie, photographer, Auckland, NZ
Bennett = George Henry Bennett, stationer, Palmerston North, NZ (G. H. Bennett & Co. series)
Bentley = Bentley & Co., Whangarei, NZ
Blencowe = James Blencowe, photographer, Rotorua, NZ
Brett = Brett Printing and Publishing Co. Ltd., Auckland, NZ
Carlton = Carlton Publishing Co., London, England
Carthew = William Carthew, bookseller, Feilding, NZ (Carthew Series)
Chapman = George Thomas Chapman, Auckland, NZ
Clapham = George Spencer Clapham, stationer, Hastings, NZ (Clapham Series)
Coltman = Robert Hall Coltman, bookseller, Dannevirke, NZ (Coltman Series)
DeTourret = Ernest de Tourret, photographer, Whangarei, NZ
DuncanF = Frank Duncan & Co., Auckland, NZ
ETW = E. T. W. Dennis & Sons, Ltd, Scarborough and London, England (Dainty Series)
Ferguson = Alexander Ferguson, bookseller, Wanganui, NZ
Ferrier = William Ferrier, photographer, Timaru, NZ
FGR = Frederick George Radcliffe, postcard publisher, Whangarei, NZ
FT = Fergusson, Taylor
GB&Co = ??
GDD = G. D. & D., London, England (Star Series)
GG = "G & G" ??
GM = Fergusson, Taylor - Gold Medal series
Graphic = NZ Graphic Series
Hawke = Charles Octavius Hawke, stationer, New Plymouth, NZ
HB = Harding & Billing, Sydney, Australia
Howe = Howe Brothers, booksellers, Napier, NZ
Hutton = Peter William Hutton, bookseller, Timaru, NZ
Industria = Fergusson, Taylor - Industria series
JBeagles = J. Beagles & Co., Ltd., London, England
JOCO = ??
JonesHI = Henry Ireson Jones & Son, booksellers, Wanganui, NZ
Lawrence = W. Lawrence, Publisher, Dublin, Ireland
Lewis = John Edwin Lewis, photographer, Feilding, NZ
Littlebury = Littlebury & Co., Wellington, NZ
Living = Living Picture Postcard Co. LM = Lillicrap McNaugton & Co., Invercargill, NZ
Macklam = John Macklam, Bookseller, Hawera, NZ
Maclean = Alfred Hubert Maclean, bookseller, Feilding, NZ
Maoriland = Tanner Bros Maoriland Series
MaxEttinger = Max Ettinger & Co. Ltd., New York and London
McFarlane = Robert James Glover McFarlane, stationer, Rotorua, NZ
McKeever = Edward Vincent McKeever, bookseller, Dannevirke, NZ
Misch = Misch & Co., Golden Lane, London, England
MM = Muir & Moodie, Dunedin, NZ
Moffett = Moffett Series, Queenstown, NZ
Mogridge = William John Mogridge, bookseller & John Mogridge, printer, Marton, NZ (Mogridge & Sons)
MQR = My Queen and Romance Series NZPT = NZ Post & Telegraph (1897-1899)
Pacific = Pacific Island Series
Park = William Park, stationer, Palmerston North, NZ
Philp = J. R. Philp, bookseller & stationer, Cambridge, NZ
Pickering = Thomas Joshua Pickering, photographer, Leeston, NZ
Pottkaemper = H. Pottkaemper & Co., Auckland, NZ
PriceWA = William Archer Price, photographer, Auckland, NZ
Pringle = Thomas Pringle, merchant, Wellington, NZ
Railroad = "Railway Series" (Fergusson)
Rapid = Rapid Photographic Printing Co. Ltd., London, England
RP = Rotary Photographic, London, England
SMCo = Smithyman & Maingay, printers, Auckland, NZ
SmithAnt = Smith & Anthony, Christchurch, NZ
Spreckley = Robert Spreckley, stationer, Auckland, NZ
Stewart = ??
Sutton = Frederick Stanley Sutton, hairdresser, Taumarunui, NZ
Tanner = Tanner Bros, Wellington, NZ
Teed = Teed Family, chemists, New Plymouth, NZ
Tomlinson = Francis Ernest Tomlinson, photographer, Wellington, NZ
Tuck = Raphael Tuck & Sons, England
Unknown = Publisher / Photographer / Place - unidentified
Valentines = Valentine's Series, London, England
VBC = VBS Series, France
Venimore = Vincent Carey Venimore, chemist, Havelock, NZ
VSM = Victoria Stamp Market, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
W&A = W. & A. Series - ??
Wagstaff = Thomas Wagstaff, bookseller, Timaru, NZ (Wagstaff Series)
Wallach = Frederick Henry Philip Wallach, storeman, Geraldine, NZ
Wildman2 = Wildman & Areys, Auckland, NZ
Wrench = Evelyn Wrench, London, England