Wainuiomata Genealogical and Historical Research Data
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Pandora Research


Article: The Wainuiomata Bush Lokey named “Pio Pio”
Datafile: Sinclair Locomotive "Pio Pio" updated 25 January 2016

Images: View of the Valley 2009, Orongorongo Coast [6], Coast Road Church [7], Sinclair Cemetery Photo Album
Settler Families: Bulliman, Burdan, Crowther, McIlvride, Prouse, Sinclair, Wood
Mary Ursula Crowther (1869-1958) Notes from her diaries 1916-1917

Wainuiomata Pioneer Church Preservation Society Inc.
Website: www.coastroadchurch.org.nz

2016 Our Buried History - Coast Road Church Wainuiomata by Colleen Hira

Wainuiomata Historical Museum Society
General information Last updated 28 January 2017 - For enquiries email wainuimuseum@gmail.com
Some early photographs: Sinclair Family Collection
Heritage Panels unveiled 07 September 2013

Written by Gavin Wallace
2014 Who were the Boys of Wainui-o-mata?
2014 Tales from Wainuiomata's Past
2015 Land Barons of Wainuiomata
2016 Outstanding from Wainuiomata

Written by Philip Marshall
2012 Wainui days: growing up in Wainuiomata 1955-1970

Written by Vicky Alexander
1993 Mary Crowther of "Brookfield"
1995 The Woods of 'Woodlands' Wainuiomata
1997 The History of Wainuiomata's Coast Road Church and Cemetery
2000 Tales from the Swamp

NZ Company Country Sections Wainuiomata Lowry Bay and Orongorongo
David Dick & George Saywell Wainuiomata 1845
Jurors 1846-1852
Road Memorial 1848
Wainuiomata Land Claims Commission Reports 1851-1869
Electoral Roll claimants 1864
Sheep 1868-1885
Wainuiomata Volunteer Corps - tender for formation 1870
Wainuiomata Rifle Volunteers 1871, 1872, 1873
1882 Freeholders
Wainuiomata Lower Dam Last updated 12 May 2016
Milk Production including Mata Co-operative Dairy Company
Moore's Valley: Brinscombe Co-operative Dairy Company and
Riverside Dairy Company including Woburn Dairy Farm & Gear Island

Land Records Associated with Wainuiomata Section 2
1859 Jan 08 Conveyance Hugh Sinclair to Isabella & John McIlvride
1861 Jan 03 Mortgage Hugh Sinclair to George Allen
1875 Sep 18 Conveyance Fitzherbert and Grace to Education Board
1879 Jul 10 Mortgage John & Duncan Sinclair to William Hooper Barnard
1883 Jun 04 Conveyance Supreme Court to William Hooper Barnard